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Alumni Spotlight: Mathew Sutter, BFA

Mathew Sutter received his BFA in art with an emphasis in printmaking from SFA in Spring of 2014. His work combines high craft with symbolic content referencing cultural narratives related to ancient texts, binary code, and geometric designs. He is currently an MFA candidate in printmaking and Book Arts at The University for the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a projected graduation date in 2016. 


Alumni Spotlight: Megan Marcantel, MFA

Megan Marcantel graduated with her MFA in art with and emphasis in photography and a minor emphasis in printmaking in 2013. Megan's photographic work meshed well with her interest in printmaking, both in terms of 2 dimensional print work as well as through 3 dimensional book arts practices. Megan came to SFA with a desire to design and build cameras in order to invest more of her hand into her photographic work. She took her first printmaking class here and became an expert screen printer, a discipline she has continued to pursue since her graduation. Look for great accomplishments from Megan as she prepares for her first residency at The Philip C. Curtis Artsit-in-Residence program at Albion College in Albion, Michigan, February 2nd through April 27th.


Alumni Spotlight: Caleb Rose, BA

Caleb Rose transferred from Angelina College to finish his degree at SFA. In May, 2014, Caleb graduated with a BA in Art, emphasizing in printmaking. While at SFA, Caleb specialized in lithography, screen printing, and alternative photographic processes, including pinhole photography. Caleb used a blend of geometric abstraction and layered texture as a foundational aesthetic approach to most of his work.